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I have implemented what is probably the last "totally generic" bit of functionality to the program. I might make one or two more change(s) that I can actually post, and then I'll probably stick to screenshots from there on.

The movement/actions icons might get docked at the bottom of the screen with the character cycle and zoom buttons instead of sitting directly under the selected character. Instead, the four direction arrows for choosing which direction to face will appear around the selected character as in "prototype 2". I was going to make that only occur at a particular time right after moving, but it makes sense to be able to do this freely every time you highlight a friendly tile, and to leave open the option for unlimited mind changes before the turn ends. Also, the freedom to totally ignore the arrows and do nothing with them will be included as an upshot (though I will probably want the program to choose a plausible direction to face at the end of each movement).

The other thing I might do is add an animation for walking, but I don't want to overdo it. I find that it doesn't take long at all for tons of animations in a turn-based game to get really old, so playing the same animation once for each tile traversed could be overkill, even if something "magical" like a single fade-out/fade-in might look hokey. The upshot is that the "magical" thing that might look weird would also be easier to program, on top of wasting less of the player's time. Probably not a bad trade.

In other words, this is NOT something I plan to subject the player to, ever:

And I wouldn't even if I could.
MTaur Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014
Ok, there was a bug, but I fixed it... I think. At least, I haven't been able to find any new bugs since.

The code probably still needs tightening if I want to avoid compounding the nonsense in the future. Spaghetti code with the bugs taken out is still spaghetti code (not that it's totally in that state right now, but it needs some attention.)
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February 10, 2014
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